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Customized to
Meet Your Needs

People First

Every business is different; owners, staff, customers, products, and community all combine to create a situation that is truly unique.  At Linzer, we will listen to what you want, offer guidance and direction on what can help you succeed, and then put together a program that is specifically designed for your situation and business environment.

Big Box Stores

Big Box

We’ve got a solution for that!  Our catalogue is the most comprehensive in the business, with a tried and true supply chain that can support the high volume, high traffic and high customer demands of big box retailing.

Keys to Success

  • Most extensive supply chain in the industry, so we can design your unique assortment
  • Combination of domestic and international resources that allow timely, robust and continuous support of your program
  • Account managers with a long history of success in the industry to support your success

Mass Market


We have been instrumental in supplying highly productive applicator and sundries programs to many of the biggest mass merchant customers in the industry.

Keys to Success

  • Retail ready packaging and displays that meet our customers’ merchandising requirements
  • Strong supply chain that allows for nearly continuous delivery of merchandise
  • Analytical experience that guides product mix and merchandising recommendations

Local Hardware


Our long-standing and close relationships with hardware store owners and operators throughout the country is at the heart of what Linzer is all about.

Keys to Success

  • Broad product listing to choose from
  • Ability to customize programs that meet the needs of the hardware store customer base
  • Innovative new product offerings that keep hardware stores competitive with paint channel stores

Paint Suppliers


With decades of job-tested products designed for the professional painter, we are uniquely suited to be your partner.  Our products meet the high standards of both the pro painter and the paint companies because your paint is only as good as the applicator you use!

Keys to Success

  • Commitment to continually provide the best and most innovative products to your customers
  • Our understanding of the market helps us provide the right mix for your professional painters
  • Our quality, durability, and cutting edge tools are what painters have relied on for many years

Linzer 2020 Catalog

We are honored to share with you the most comprehensive catalog in the industry right at your fingertips. You can thumb through it virtually right here on our website or download it for off-line and print usages.