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J. R. Edwards

when the highest standard is necessary

products that accentuate quality

Whether you are a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, you deserve quality products that increase efficiency while enhancing results.

Company Overview

J. R. Edwards

JRE has a longstanding reputation for quality and service. Originally exclusively designed and tailored for the professional market, we have expanded our catalog to include products for the discerning DIY customer as well.

Fast Facts

  • Provide private label professional tools to some of the most elite brands in the country
  • Handmade professional brushes to our exacting specifications
  • Products engineered for the highest quality coatings

Product Feature

Summertime Pro

A series of brushes with a firm formulation that is especially suited for use in water based paints.  It maintains its stiffness on a warm day because of polyester filaments, making it equally good for interior or exterior work, with the nylon filaments providing a fantastic finish.

Fast Facts

  • Uses 100% solid, tapered nylon and polyester filaments for the best performance
  • Special finishing of the filaments helps apply paint smoothly and evenly every time
  • Available in a variety of sizes and configurations for any paint job

Linzer 2020 Catalog

Check out our catalog to learn more about our extensive line of products. You can thumb through it virtually right here on our website or download it for off-line and print usages.