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Our Brands

A Strong Family
of Companies

a distinct global presence

Our extensive brand family truly sets us apart in the paint applicator industry. With eight manufacturing facilities in North America and seven more around globe; we are able to ensure all supply chains stay strong in every market. Our brands also afford us the opportunity to serve our customers at every price point and quality level through the most comprehensive catalog possible.

the linzer family of brands

At Arroworthy, quality means everything. We have had the honor of providing high-quality paint brushes and rollers for over 50 years.

With a presence in all markets, a superior product line, and a commitment to customer satisfaction we are providing excellence to Latin America.

With a history of quality craftsmanship and a commitment to innovative product development we have grown to be Canada’s leading sources for paint applicators.

Our paint brushes are handmade using only the best quality raw materials and our roller covers are constructed using fabrics especially designed to apply the highest quality coatings.

Known in Canada for our innovative craftsmanship since 1866, our patented design trays and roller frames have become the standard for both the Do It Yourselfer and Painting Professional.

With a focus on being a “business partner” more than a supplier, Royal has developed a large and loyal customer base. We are committed to the idea that long-standing relationships produce customer success.

Dolphin products are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the professional painter while utilizing solvent-free adhesives and environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Since the 1930s, Allway has held a tradition of technological innovation, high quality, and meeting the demand for value-added products from dealers, contractors and consumers.

Global Manufacturing
and Distribution

Click on any of the dots on the map below to see where our brands and divisions are located across the globe!

Blue Dolphin

Kielce, Poland

American Brush Company

Claremont, NH

Linzer Headquarters

West Babylon, NY

Linzer Southeast

Metter, GA

Pintar, Simms

Toronto, Canada

Linzer Midwest

Kankakee, IL

Linzer West

San Frenando, CA

Brochas y Productos (BYP)

Monterrey, Mexico

China Applicator Products (CAP)

Yixing, China

Linzer 2020 Catalog

We are honored to share with you the most comprehensive catalog in the industry right at your fingertips. You can thumb through it virtually right here on our website or download it for off-line and print usages.